Rebranded - Logo
1 September 2015

Rebranded - Logo

While launching our new website, we took the opportunity to rebrand our logo too.  So we have said farewell to our old logo which was an inverse image of a Calla Lily.  Although we were very fond of it, it did cause people confusion to ‘what it was’.  We had all sorts of suggestions over the years, most people thinking it was something from a psychiatrists image board.


While working through the rebranding, we worked through a branding workshop with our agency, it was a very interesting exercise; as it made us look at ourselves, the company, the recruitment industry and what we stand for in it.  One of the outcomes of the workshop was a Mood Board which summarises the tone of what we are trying to portray, please see below the outcome for Naked Recruitment:








Natural/stripped back

Straight up, black and white approach


These words were translated into images used in our new logo and images found on the new website.

We welcome your thoughts on the logo, and rebranding/mood boards in general.